Bad news.

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34 Responses to Job hunting :(

  • ByteBlast says:

    Good luck bro

  • Kamil Kubiak says:

    best of luck 😉 Thanks for the tutorials as well they really help me m/

  • killerlion6 says:

    According to your resume, you can freely take a glass of whiskey and a
    cigar, make yourself comfortable in a couch and jobs will be rolling in for

  • Fizz Clockwatcher says:

    very best of luck – i just discovered your videos and they’re really
    helping me understand c#. so thank you thank you and i hope you find work
    you love.

  • VoidRealms says:

    Thanks guys 🙂

  • Leo Unglaub says:

    Good luck with the job hunt. I am sure a guy like you will have a new job
    in no time. Specialy sience you already switched to ubuntu, they are
    looking for some guys. Maybe thats something for you: canonical.

  • Alexandre Pretyman says:

    best of luck in the world for you brian!! you deserve it!

  • silverado says:

    Your photo does not connect with your voice in my head 🙂

  • Oscar Liang says:

    oh… hope you are you going to be okay!

  • ammar ammar18 says:

    good luck for you and thanks for all.

  • Raúl Guerrero Deschamps says:

    Man, I love your videos, you’re an amazing hacker, specially Qt hacker,
    best of luck and hope everything works out for the best, and keep your
    videos coming, I love them

  • Luis Valdés says:

    you are a good programmer, as killerlion6 said, jobs will be rolling in for
    you. Good Luck!

  • Mark Sutherland says:

    good luck bri

  • Jlunio says:

    Sorry to hear that bro. I’ve had mixed relations with SAIC, two different
    sectors. Check NGC, LM, L3, GD and some medium business ventures they are
    always willing to put a 110% on you if you do 140% for them.. I currently
    work wit NGC:TS Branch, the jobs are out there mate good luck and happy

  • Pier Giuliano Nioi says:

    Moving doesn’t make any sense if you are 100% at least sure of having a job
    where you gonna move. Here in Italy everybody is moving but without any
    certain future. So why doesn’t everybody stay in their land and simply
    re-organize and / or create new jobs? Everywhere there are people with
    needs and people with skills, and that is the basis of a
    business/job/activity! Good luck for all! 🙂

  • ErichLancaster says:

    Oh my God, I know the feeling and I know it sucks. Wish you all the best
    and Good Luck! BTW: Nice to see you’re using Ubuntu 😉

  • david habich says:

    hope and i am sure you found something by now!

  • Jerónimo Barraco Mármol says:

    I’m sure it wont be hard to find a good one. I can’t offer anything but
    good luck!

  • xboxnissan says:

    Good look buddy keep QT commin’

  • Bojan Kostić says:

    Best luck, i hope that all will finish in some good way. 🙂

  • Keith Witcher says:

    Acajudi100, how do you figure i should make a job? Are you saying i should
    start my own business? I wouldn’t mind having my own business but i don’t
    have the money to do that. LOL@you telling Katt Kassidy she needs to take
    out her nose ring and hide the tattoo hahahahahahahahahaha. Are you saying
    those things is preventing her from getting a job? That could be possible
    because supervisors are very picky about the way people look when they’re
    hiring people. Drake Nuuk, i understand what you’re talking about. I hate
    it too when people interview me and then they say i’ll call you and they
    don’t call. Supervisors need to stop telling people they’re gonna call them
    because they know they aren’t gonna call.

  • Jia'sWorld says:

    They are trained to give these types of responses….they do not keep
    applications once they hire ppl they dump the remaining apps…trust me I
    know I worked as a human resource rep for an intern and all we did was push
    apps to the file away stacks…its one big game beware people.

  • Angel Perez says:

    Did u tell your sister to tell them to hire a sister?

  • Kenny Mckinlay says:

    I know how you feel babe, I’m having the same shit! I wish you luck with
    your job hunting. You don’t seem to get the help you need? Xx

  • acajudi100 says:

    You should have gone to meet with the staff. Take out the nose ring, and
    hide that tattoo. 

  • Keith Witcher says:

    Katt Kassidy, i feel what you’re going through. Fuck these jobs. Bitch ass
    white men supervisors. I hate them bastards. They’re the reason why so many
    blacks are unemployed. I don’t really give a damn which race of people are
    in charge at these jobs. They need to be killed or beat up and then they
    wonder why there’s so much crime in the world. There’s always gonna be
    crime when you got a lot of people unemployed. I really hate these rich
    bastards who got jobs making good money and they wanna complain about
    unemployed people saying that they’re lazy and they don’t wanna work and
    that’s bullshit because ain’t nobody trying to be poor. Nobody likes being
    poor and i also wanna say that ain’t nobody trying to work at a low paying
    job. Fuck them low paying jobs like fast food places, Walmart, Target,
    dollar store, factories, grocery stores.

  • MattCat319 says:

    awesome rant! i love ranting!

  • vid1616 says:

    Hey…we’ve all been there or are there….have you tried temp agencies?
    You might look into manufacturing/assembly work…monotonous and tedious
    but it’s not dealing with the public or sitting at a desk. Best advice
    tho….get a ‘marketable’ skill….and do what you love as much as
    possible. Hang in there.

  • nickii N. says:

    I can’t get a job either. There are no jobs around my area that I am
    qualified for(I don’t have experience for particular jobs). I hate dealing
    with the public with a passion so I try to find applications for things
    like stock or cleaning person but no one ever calls and when I call them
    they give me an interview then after the interview I never hear from them.
    “We’ll call you, have a nice day”, never hear from them again.

  • Lela Samone says:

    I completely understand how that is. Expression of emotions is always good.
    But keep in mind that future jobs can see this. Internet lasts forever,
    unfortunuately. /: And definitely! I go out everyday, looking everywhere,
    begging people to let me work for them. Something will come through for us.
    I know it. <3

  • Nichole Hayles says:

    I totally feel you, i’ve done this before and it i’ve been rejected too.
    its lame, people dont care because they have the job. I’m trying to get a
    job too, its hard here too especially when you gotta know people. goodluck!

  • psychodre23 says:

    aww i know the feeling. ive called this place back like twice and ive been
    down to the store a few times and everytime i go to the store they take
    down my name and its been like 2 months and still nothing,

  • Lela Samone says:

    If you really need a job and have things to pay for, you can’t be picky. I
    have so many financial goals at the moment that I dont care if I hate the
    job. I just need the money to ultimately go back to school for my career so
    I dont have to work at a shitty job my whole life. It’s tough, I know. But
    you have be professional, no matter the circumstance. You never know who
    you’re going to meet so you have to be curtious to everyone, even if they
    are a bitch and a half. Stay postive. <3

  • Hello Earth, I'm Katt Kassidy. says:

    yea Im gonna stay positive! I do weird jobs as of now but i wanna find
    something stable! i bet if i go out everyday i’ll find something good! I
    think i just had a horrible day and i exploded


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